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Resources For Job Seekers

At Unicorn Recruitment and Career Services, we believe that every job seeker deserves the opportunity to succeed. That's why we've compiled a variety of resources to help you improve your chances of landing your dream job. Take a look below and start your journey to success today.

Checking Text on a Document

Downloadable Word document resume template. Your basic resume template to help you create a sleek and simple resume! 

This is one of the cover letter templates that I use with my clients. Fill out the blanks with personalized information and you have yourself a new cover letter!

Writing an application
Image by Hanny Naibaho

A template to get you started. Fill in the details and send your thank you email on it's way! 

Want to start networking on LinkedIn but not sure how? Here are a few ways to start connecting with people that don't make you feel like a salesperson! 

Business Networking
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