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Why the Name, Unicorn Recruitment & Career Services?

For years now, my dream has been to work in a capacity to help and support others in their career goals. After nearly 15 years of working in talent attraction and leadership roles, I watched as the pandemic resulted in massive layoffs only to be followed by a hiring frenzy unlike anything we’d ever seen before. Now we’re back to large layoffs, especially in the tech industry. The last three years has been enough to make anyone’s head spin.

My heart broke as I watched friends, family and my professional network struggle to navigate the ever-changing job market. Some would land 4-5 offers without even trying, others were applying for months without so much as an interview. Meanwhile, as I was recruiting in one of the most challenging markets I’ve ever experienced, hiring managers still asked for ‘Purple Squirrels’ and ‘Unicorns’. We wouldn’t even have applicants and yet, here we were… waiting for golden Unicorns to pop up somewhere.

In my personal opinion, purple squirrels exist. You can find squirrels but a purple one is rare. Unicorns, they just don’t exist naturally. However, with some coaching and preparation, you can create shining, stand out ‘Unicorns’ that will impress even the most difficult of hiring managers.

I set off on my mission to help job seekers and professionals become Unicorns. I wanted to guide people through their career search so that they felt confident and supported through one of the most challenging life events that we navigate. I also wanted to help companies grow their own Unicorns internally with coaching and leadership development. All too often when I worked as an internal recruiter, I would hear why we couldn’t promote someone internally and it was usually because they didn’t have leadership experience. I’ve seen a huge disconnect in internal and external hiring practices. I want to change that.

I chose the name Unicorn Recruitment & Career Services because I wanted to empower employees and job seekers. My goal is for professionals to know their value and advocate for themselves and for hiring managers to see all of the amazing Unicorns that are out there.

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